Why are your rates so low?
Our vision is an affordable car rental service for startup entrepreneurs, students, members of various intentional communities, etc in SF Bay Area, so that people can focus on maximizing their ROI here.

We use older cars (2001-2004) that are in great condition and very reliable (mostly Toyota and Lexus). Some cars were bought for very low price because of small cosmetic accidents/fender benders. The owners fix them up and list with us.

In addition to the low vehicle acquisition cost, low maintenance expenses and high reliability, we have relatively small fixed costs for running the business (being the network of car owners) and pass the savings on to the renters.

Are taxes included, are there any hidden fees?
No hidden fees and taxes are always included. The price you see on the website or your rental agreement is the final price you pay. We'll calculate your mile charges when you return or extend the vehicle at the previously-set rate.

For example, if you rent a vehicle for a week, and your rate is $50/week + 5 cents a mile, and you've driven 100 miles, you'll pay $50 at the beginning of the rental period and $5 for 100 miles at the end of the rental period. Additionally, depending on the type of a car,  a $250-$800 refundable deposit is charged to all new renters.

If you opt for comprehensive insurance, it'll be extra. Alternatively, if you are a safe driver, you can always leave a larger, fully refundable deposit to avoid the insurance charges.  

Why do you charge per mile instead of allowing free miles?
By giving the renters 50-200 free miles a day and charging the same price to everyone, other companies encourage unnecessary driving, wasting gas and polluting the environment (it's akin to "all-you-can-eat" buffets encouraging gluttony, obesity and other health problems).

By charging per mile, we can significantly lower the initial cost of renting a vehicle and not overcharge the low-mile drivers. Some people drive 2-5 miles a day only (to their job/university, etc), so they can save a lot in a long run.

What happens in case of an accident/theft/vandalism?
If you have the a car insurance in the US, chances are it extends to rental vehicles for up to 30 days. Please check with your insurance provider for details.  

We can also help you get the minimum insurance coverage via a basic non-owner policy (around $20-50/month). That covers the liability and damage to other vehicles/property (up to $15,000 for basic coverage). You can also opt for higher coverage.

To cover damage to the rental vehicle: If you pay the deposit, we'll take the amount for repairs from there. If the provided deposit is not enough, we'll ask you to pay the difference.

Alternatively, if you have or get comprehensive insurance + CDW (Collision Damage Waver), the deposit can be lowered to $250.

Can I use my own insurance?
Absolutely. If you add our cars to your insurance policy, we'll decrease your rental payments.

What happens when the car breaks down?
 You can call or text us 24/7 at (408) 475-0379 and we'll arrange for help.

What methods of payment do you accept?
Currently we accept Paypal, Google Wallet, Zelle, Credit/Debit cards or cash. If you use Credit/Debit Cards, there is a 3% transaction fee on the the amount. 

Do I have to pay the deposit?
If you cannot afford the full amount, the deposit can be lowered to $250 if you get comprehensive insurance + CDW (Collision Damage Waver). In case of an accident, we will use the deposit to pay for the insurance deductible.

I'd really like to rent a specific car but cannot quite afford the price - is there anything we can do?

Absolutely. Click "make an offer" and give your best offer. We'll contact the car owner to see if they accept your price. With some luck you can rent the car of your dreams at the price you can afford.

I may need to travel outside of a 200 mile radius from San Jose - can I still rent with you?
Yes, if you are renting for a longer period. You might also need to provide some (higher) deposit. Please contact us for details.

How do I pay when crossing the toll bridges?

You need to pay with cash every time you cross a toll bridge in a toll direction. When crossing the Golden Gate Bridge your license plate will be recorded and we'll charge you directly. They no longer accept cash on Golden Gate Bridge.

Alternatively we can provide you with a FasTrak transponder and charge you a discounted rate every time you cross a toll bridge ($3-6, depending on the bridge and time of day).

Is there a mileage limit?
No. You pay per-mile and can drive as much as you like. 

Can get a different car in the middle of the rental period?

Absolutely. You can swap a car to anything else that's currently available at any time during the rental.

We'll refund you the difference in price moving forward (per-day fee and deposit) if you are swapping to a lower-priced car or ask you to pay the difference if you are upgrading.

Can I return the car before the end of the rental period?
Of course. You can return a car any time after the minimum rental duration and we'll refund you any and all unused days.