How it Works

Start using Rent-A-Mile by following a few easy steps below:

  1. Submit the car request form (using either "request now" or "make an offer" buttons).

  2. You'll receive a reply shortly, confirming your reservation and asking some additional questions (license, insurance, pickup arrangements, etc).

  3. Once you reply, we'll give you final details on your rent (total charge, insurance confirmation, etc).

  4. You show up to the pre-agreed pickup location (or we bring the car to you, or we pick you up at the airport) with your driver's license and initial payment, sign the rental contract and get the car keys.

  5. You enjoy driving the car and let us know if there are any issues (via email, text or phone/Skype call). We'll address those ASAP (either by fixing the issue on the spot or giving you another car).

  6. As the time approaches to return the car, we'll send you a reminder and arrange the pickup. You can extend the rental at any time.

  7. You drop the car off (we can also give you a ride to the airport, etc) and enjoy the money saved renting with us.